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The Magic of Candlelight Yoga

The Magic of Candlelight Yoga

There are so many great options of yoga classes out there. It seems that everyone has something that makes it special or unique. I love that yoga instructors have created so many different ways to experience yoga. Hopefully something to appeal to every person. But how do you know if a class will be what you need? Best advice, give it a try!

Did you know that some yoga classes are conducted in candlelight?  I find candlelight, or firelight to be quite magical.  I thought I would share a little about my first candlelight yoga experience. My hope is this will persuade you to give candlelit yoga, meditation, or movement a try.

Heading to my first candlelight yoga class, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it would be nice, but would it really be that different? It was. It was something special, something more than nice. As I entered the room and laid out my mat, the candlelight provided a warmth that I hadn't expected. Before we even started to move, the darkness in the room gave me the capability to let go, I felt tensions begin to release much quicker than normal. As the instructor lead us through a  meditative flow, watching the candlelight move, seeing the shadows dance on the walls,  I was able to find peace. I found a quiet rhythm in my body, a movement that then transferred into my mind. I felt warm and alive. It was like sitting by a fire, or slipping into a bath. It was a warmth that provides comfort, something deep down inside of me that said “I'm here, and I'm safe.”.

As yogis, we are asked to let go expectation, to not compare ourselves or our practice with others. That is a very hard thing ( or at least it’s a very hard thing for me). That candlelit room burned away my expectation, burned away that comparison to others. It may have been the dark that allowed me to look farther inward, rather than constantly looking out. Whatever it was, it worked. Suddenly the world that  surrounded me was just that, my surroundings. It was my first experience of feeling my inner peace.


I have practiced in candlelight many times since my first class. Sometimes, I practice at home, lighting a candle, resting in a restorative pose. Sometimes, I flow. I move my body while closing my eyes, yet still seeing the light that surrounds me. I love practicing in candlelight. It is peaceful for me. It helps remove that constant hum of energy that flows around us. It burns away my stress, leaving me feeling new.


I will forever have a soft spot for candlelight yoga classes!


If you've never experienced the quiet comfort of candlelight, I invite you to give it a try. I invite you to just sit in a candlelit room while watching  the flicker of the flame and movement of the shadows. Or, maybe, don’t watch. Close your eyes and notice how you still see the light behind your eyes, the movement beyond your lids. If you feel like you want to move, go ahead and get up, move your body. See if there is a rhythm that arises in you, a movement that matches the flicker of the flame.



Can you feel the magic? I hope so…


Come practice with me!


I have had the honor of teaching candle light yoga classes in a few different places. One of my favorite experiences as a teacher is the evening Yoga In the Vines at Raptor Ridge Winery. We are able to flow in their lovely tasting room with the flicker of the flame, heat from the heated floors and the magical reflection in the wall sized windowed doors. It feels a bit like christmas to me! “Baby it’s cold outside” , but it is warm, cozy, and magical in with us! We have one of the amazing evening's scheduled on November 4th, 2016. Last I checked, we have two spaces remaining. Grab one quick and join me for a little magic!





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