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Change, that kid on the playground of life...

Change, that kid on the playground of life...

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. -Lao Tzu


Change. We all know it is a part of life, and, most of us want to get more comfortable with the process. Maybe we can even find a fun new way to look at that constant companion... change. This month we would like to talk about how yoga can help us find some comfort in that sometimes uncomfortable process.

“Quick, hide, Change is coming!” This is what most of us shout out on the playground of life when they see Change coming around the corner.  Change is that kid that no one really wants to play with. Yes, there are a few people out there who embrace change with open arms. For most of us, we want to run for the bushes when change comes to play. We are content in the comfort of states quo.

The funny thing is, everything is change. Everyday we grow older, everyday is different. We usually accept the little gradual changes with a bit of indifference. That is until those little things have built up into a big change. Maybe it’s an age we are not really excited about reaching, or the realization that our favorite pants don’t button like they used to. Then, we scold ourselves for not being more aware, more present, and in control of the little changes. For letting Change sneak up on us and shout “BOO”!

Change can come in all types of playmates:

The Bully Change that knocks you down, and won’t let you get back up until they feel it’s time. This kind of change hurts both physically and mentally. Being diagnosed with a debilitating illness, divorce or a job loss are just some examples. Acceptance to this type of change can be very challenging. We don’t want it, and therefore, are reluctant to accept it.

Nagging Change pokes you over and over. Saying ,“I’m here, pay attention to me, I’m here, I’m ready to play.” It is constantly pulling at your sleeve, not letting you forget that eventually you will have to acknowledge its existence. Often times, this type of change is something that we know we need.  A job change, moving, or letting go of an old friend but something we are maybe not quite ready to deal with.

Then there is that Change that is just a little odd. The one we are just not sure if we want to play with or not. Odd Change can be fun, it can be scary, sometimes just a bit too unpredictable.  Like starting that new business, having a baby,  or trying yoga for the first time. The end result is often times exciting and uncertain.

As we grow, we learn to deal with all sorts of playmates. We find our own way of handling the tough situations on the playground. We learn how to communicate with those around us and how to get support from friends and teachers when we need it. What if we started to view change as those playground playmates? Learn to use our childhood strengths to help navigate the challenges in our grownup playground? 

For each one of us, change shows up a little different. I’m sure that you have many other types of "kids" that are popping into your head. The playmates that are easier or harder to deal with will be different for us all.  With all of these variables, how can there be something, some lesson that will help us all? 

The nice thing is, the lessons, like the playmates, will show up a little different to everyone. We will all be able to handle somethings with grace, and somethings will be handled with more of the schoolyard brawl. Yoga has the magical way of meeting us where we are, and providing a different lesson to each of us. This is a wonderful benefit when it comes to dealing with the challenging subject of change.

Next week I will touch on some of my favorite lessons yoga asana has for us when it comes to dealing with change. For now, what playmate are you dealing with? 

May your playground of life be full of adventure, changes that play well with you, and freedom to accept those that don’t!





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