Food and Me


My love for food...

I am so excited to share my love of food with you. I truly believe that food is both meant to be enjoyed and help provide us with a healthy life.

Growing up on a small ranch I learned the process of raising, and harvesting your own food. I have a great respect for the products that we choose to feed our bodies. I also believe that every body is different, and requires different fuel. This belief has lead me to study, and learn to cook in many different "food lifestyles". Some of these include ayurveda, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan. Really, I cook everything.

I also believe that food can provide joy, love, and an opportunity to have a social experience! For this reason, more then most others, I love to cook for people. 

Hope to see you soon at my table!

I have a holistic nutrition education as well as a culinary degree.