All in winter

New Year Yoga Practice

It's a new year!! It's an easy time to set new goals, evaluate where we are at, what we want in our future, and maybe, decide what we want to change. New year's resolutions here we come. It seems that a lot of people make the resolution to be "healthier" in the new year. This resolution often include some kind of diet, and some sort of exercise. 

Braised Collard Greens

Last week I made collard greens, ( as I have been almost every week since fall started), and I snapped a photo. I then posted said photo to face book commenting on how much I love those greens. I then received multiple comments and emails asking for the recipe.......Well, having no such recipe in hand I scribbled down the best estimate I could and sent it out. As I did that scribbling (typing) and sending, I decided I should do something a bit more productive and post about it! 

The Magic of Candlelight Yoga

Did you know that some yoga classes are conducted in candlelight?  I find candlelight, or firelight to be quite magical.  I thought I would share a little about my first candlelight yoga experience. My hope is this will persuade you to give candlelit yoga, meditation, or movement a try.