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Kitchen repairs, the finale.

I have watched enough home repair shows to know that people watch them not to see a house in disarray, but instead to see what can be made of the mess. I think the appeal of these shows comes in seeing the hidden potential of each house brought to life. It’s exciting to see what beautiful things can be found in the rough places of homes!

Motivation. It's hard to find.

I have chatted with so many people about this subject of finding motivation to move. It is more then challenging when you are sick, or have injury, or depression, or kids, or, Or, OR..... The list goes on and on. Why is it that even though we know yoga, or exercise, will help us feel better, we just can’t seem to get started?

The Magic of Candlelight Yoga

Did you know that some yoga classes are conducted in candlelight?  I find candlelight, or firelight to be quite magical.  I thought I would share a little about my first candlelight yoga experience. My hope is this will persuade you to give candlelit yoga, meditation, or movement a try.