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New Year Yoga Practice

It's a new year!! It's an easy time to set new goals, evaluate where we are at, what we want in our future, and maybe, decide what we want to change. New year's resolutions here we come. It seems that a lot of people make the resolution to be "healthier" in the new year. This resolution often include some kind of diet, and some sort of exercise. 

Kitchen repairs, the finale.

I have watched enough home repair shows to know that people watch them not to see a house in disarray, but instead to see what can be made of the mess. I think the appeal of these shows comes in seeing the hidden potential of each house brought to life. It’s exciting to see what beautiful things can be found in the rough places of homes!

Ocean's Breath....

Yoga uses breath work quite a lot. Pranayama, (yogic breath work), has many different styles of breath to treat different ailments, provide emotional and mental support, and relief. I could go on and on about the benefits, but, today I want to focus on a style of pranayama that works for me.