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A Few of My Favorite Travel Yoga Poses

Traveling is so much fun, and sometimes, so hard on our bodies. Sitting in a car, or on an airplane, or in a bus for hours can make for sore spots and less enjoyable moments.

Here are a few of my favorite yoga poses I use to help recovery from, or sometimes, incorporate into long travel days.

Shoulder Series

One of my wonderful clients asked if we could make a video of some of the shoulder work we had done together. She wanted this so that she could share with a group of swimmers she is helping to coach. I happily agreed!

Here is a short shoulder series built to help swimmers, but really, it's good for anyone with shoulders! Hope you Enjoy.

New Year Yoga Practice

It's a new year!! It's an easy time to set new goals, evaluate where we are at, what we want in our future, and maybe, decide what we want to change. New year's resolutions here we come. It seems that a lot of people make the resolution to be "healthier" in the new year. This resolution often include some kind of diet, and some sort of exercise.