About Me

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It is always interesting introducing myself, as my life is a multi-faceted one, and I am never quite certain where to begin. I grew up on a ranch in a small town. My family was a close one, and a lot of time was spent growing and cooking food, raising animals, and taking care of family and community. It was a holistic upbringing, in which it was clear how everything in life fits together. The food we eat, the relationships we develop, and the activities we pursue all contribute to the people we become. We are at our best when we are nurturing and caring for every element of our lives: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Moving forward to adulthood, I strive to maintain a holistic approach to life. I am blessed to be a wife and mother in my own wonderful family. I have been a professional chef for 19 years, focusing on holistic nutrition. Not long after becoming a chef, I started practicing yoga for my own benefit, craving the mental and physical release to counterbalance working in a professional kitchen, and I fell in love with it. I began teaching yoga over 12 years ago. While I have studied a wide variety of yoga styles, my love for teaching centers in a wellness based approach. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone, and as students find a greater personal understanding of body awareness and function, they also find more peace and strength in themselves.  

It has been a joy of mine to merge my skills as a chef and skills as a yoga instructor in Nourishment food and yoga. I feel privileged to offer nourishment it's many forms.  I look forward to growing, moving and eating with you! Namaste!