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Kitchen repairs, the finale.

Kitchen repairs, the finale.


I can now say that I have a beautiful kitchen. I am blessed. The blessing is even richer because of the process involved with the kitchen update.


I have watched enough home repair shows to know that people watch them not to see a house in disarray, but instead to see what can be made of the mess. I think the appeal of these shows comes in seeing the hidden potential of each house brought to life. It’s exciting to see what beautiful things can be found in the rough places of homes!




I think that people like to see the rise of potential and beauty not only in homes, but in themselves, and in others. We like to root for the underdogs. We like to see the good that reveals itself when all that surrounds seems a bit worse for wear. The interesting thing is, we tend to focus on the end, (the goal), or on the beginning, (what needs changed) and we forget to look at the journey.  It’s not a bad thing to have goals, but we like to skip over the messy middle, that hard working part that creates change. We often forget that being present within the changing can make the beautiful ending more joyful, rewarding, and more appreciated. 



As a yoga teacher, I often remind people to stay present in the moment. Present in the space we are in. It is so easy to get distracted by the things we want, or the things we wish could be, or the things we could change. It truly is a constant struggle finding the quiet peace, the blessings that are present in each moment. That being said:

It is ok to want good things, better things, bigger things in our lives. It is important to have goals. It is just as important to stay thankful and not get lost in the thoughts of only what could be, or what has been. Finding santosha (contentment, satisfaction) in each moment and space. We need to remain open to the lessons and memories that arrive while working toward our goals. 


What I can say is that living through the process of the kitchen makeover is part of what makes this space so special. The memories and lessons learned during the change are what I get to keep, even when this space is gone. 

With that:

I have a beautiful kitchen.

I am thankful. 

I am blessed.

May you find the strength to be present and feel santosha in the space you are in, wherever that may be.


Feeling thankful


New Year Yoga Practice

New Year Yoga Practice

Lessons from the kitchen repairs.

Lessons from the kitchen repairs.